Android TV Screen Recorder In 5 steps (Amazing)

Today we are going to talk about how you can Android TV Screen Record. After reading this article, you can easily record Android TV Screen Recorder.

Friends, you must have recorded your mobile screen. Almost everyone will know about the screen recording of mobile.

Do you know the Android TV Screen Recorder? If you do not know, do not take tension, friends, today I will tell you very easy steps which you can follow and record the screen of android tv.

Or you can watch this video.

Which app is needed to record tv screen?

By the way, many applications come to Android TV Screen Recorder. But I would recommend you to use du-recorder application.

This application is very popular. And in this you get many good features.

And while recording android tv screen, we need another application called set orientation.

With the help of this application you can make your TV in landscape and portrait mode.

If you want to Android TV Screen Recorder then you have to download these two applications.

You can download these two apps with the help of aptoide application in your tv.

I have already written an article, you can read it. how to download aptoide tv apk.

If you do not have aptoide tv app, then I will give you its download link, you can download from there.

Du Recorder: – Download
Set Orientation: – Download

How to record the android tv screen?

Step 1. First, you install the Set orientation app. When you install, you will see some such interface. It is also disabled.

Android TV Screen Recorder

You have to need to do it in landscape mode.

Android TV Screen Recorder

Step 2. After this, you have to download and install the du recorder application. After installing du recorded, you will see some such interface

From here you will get the option of video record, videos & setting, recording toolbox, and live creator.

Android TV Screen Recorder

Step 3. Before recording the screen, you have to go to the video & setting option. Watermark’s option will be enabled, you have to disable it

Android TV Screen Recorder

It will be beneficial that du recorder’s icon will not come in your screen record video.

No one can know that this video has been done with the help of which screen recorder application.

Step 4. After this, you can record the screen of your android tv. To record the screen, click on the option containing the record.

Android TV Screen Recorder

You will see something like this. Tick ​​the option that you don’t show again and click on the start now option.

After this, the screen record of your android tv will start.

Step 5. To turn off screen recording, click on the option with red sqaure.

Android TV Screen Recorder


Friends, you can record android tv screen very easily with the help of du recorder and set orientation application.

I have told you in some simple 5 steps in this article how you can record android tv screen.

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