5 Best Smart AC in India 2022 Split AC

The finest smart AC in India would arrive like a hero in shining armor to save you from the oppressive heat. There was a time when only the upper-middle class could afford air conditioners, and AC was considered a status symbol. While traditional air conditioners can get the job done and get you through the summer, investing in the finest smart air conditioner is a step up. The Internet of Things (IoT) has made great progress in an ever-changing, developing, and inventive environment.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top smart air conditioners on the market. Also, read the Factors to Consider before Buying a Smart AC listed below to help you make an informed decision.

Most sections of India now consider air conditioners to be a necessity in their houses. As a result of the rising demand, several new air conditioners with cutting-edge features and capabilities have been introduced. For example, with Alexa-enabled air conditioners, you can operate your AC using the smart assistant, Alexa, which is available through the Echo line of devices, the Alexa app on your smartphone, and other channels. This not only eliminates the need to use a remote every time, but it also makes Alexa’s smart skills, such as scheduling, available for your next AC. So, if you’re thinking about upgrading to an air conditioner with Alexa compatibility, we’ve compiled a list of several possibilities to consider.

Amazon India offers Alexa-enabled air conditioners

  1. LG Split AC 1.5 Ton 5 Star WI-Fi Inverter.
  2. Whirlpool Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton 3 Star WI-Fi
  3. Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star WI-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split Air Conditioner…
  4. Lloyd Split AC Inverter with 1.5 Ton Voice and Wi-Fi
  5. Livpure Lloyd 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC

1. LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Split Air Conditioner

5 Best Smart AC in India 2022 Split AC

LG Split AC’s Dual Inverter compressor is driven by a Varied Speed Dual Rotary Motor, which helps it achieve higher power efficiency, durability, and silent performance. The convertible cooling function of the device allows it to transition between four different power levels with the press of a single button.

This allows you to tailor your comfort to the amount of people in the room. The outdoor unit is protected from dust, smoke, and chemicals, as well as fin rust and UV damage, thanks to the Ocean Black Fin protection. The technology also assures steady cooling, even when the outside temperature surges.

According to our findings, the LG Super Convertible is the best smart AC in India 2022 so far! This air conditioner is an excellent example of how we may fulfill our air conditioning demands as they emerge.

The AI Dual Inverter not only estimates appropriate cooling capacity, but it also recognizes room circumstances and picks the best fan speed, vane position, and temperature combinations. Even if you’re not at home, you can access and manage your air conditioner with your smartphone using the LG ThinQ app.

Special Ocean Black Protection added to the copper tubing of both the interior and exterior units provides an unrivaled lifespan for the AC unit in typical Indian areas impacted by sand, salt, industrial pollution, and toxins. Low Gas Detection provides several advantages, including reduced irritation while diagnosing and greater durability, which extends the life of the air conditioner.

Provides unparalleled dust, smoke, and pollutant shielding, as well as fin corrosion protection. The Anti Allergy Filter catches particles while releasing allergens in the wind, such as dust, to give a reasonably clean, healthier atmosphere.

Simple error notifications and remote diagnosis help you communicate with the nearest LG service center and swiftly resolve the issue. It features ADC Safety Sensors, which are developed for toughness and power of safety at every stage of operation, making them very robust, safe, and stable.


  • Extremely quick cooling.
  • Filter for anti-virus software.
  • ThinkQ app allows you to access AC from anywhere.
  • The surgery is stabilizer-free.

2. Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 3 Star WI-Fi Split Air Conditioner

In India, the Whirlpool 1.5 Ton Wi-Fi smart AC incorporates an inverter compressor that adjusts power based on heat load.

You may now upgrade your air conditioner to fit your cooling needs, with capacities ranging from 0.9T to 1.5T. The air conditioner, which includes a 6th Sense Intellicomfort technology, helps cool the interior even in hot weather, up to 50 degrees Celsius. Because of its high ISEER, the Whirlpool AC might save you a significant amount of electricity. You may activate the self-clean feature at any moment to remove the filth that had built within the machine.

The interior evaporator, outdoor condenser, and all connected piping and tubes are all composed of copper, as is the air conditioner. The alternating current (AC) runs without a stabilizer and has a voltage range of 150V to 264V. Advanced inverter technology adapts to your cooling requirements while reducing electricity and power usage.

Whirlpool air conditioners utilize R32 eco refrigerant. It barely has one-third the impact of R-410. Furthermore, because R-32 is so efficient, air conditioners emit fewer greenhouse gas emissions and utilize less refrigerant volume.


  • Intelligent and quick cooling.
  • The App makes it simple to get started.
  • No need for a stabiliser.
  • For uniform cooling, use the 4 D auto swing

3. Panasonic 2 Ton 3 Star WI-Fi Split Air Conditioner

The Panasonic Split AC is equipped with the Miraie platform, which strives to provide an end-to-end connected experience for your convenience. The sleep profile option allows you to choose hourly temperatures for deep sleep.

Connectivity with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enables you to manage the AC using voice commands with compatible devices. You can also use the app to regulate the AC from anywhere. The Panasonic AC’s outside compressor is constructed using Blue Fin technology, which offers hydrophilic qualities. This aids in preventing water from gathering anywhere, hence reducing corrosion.

Panasonic 2 Ton 3 Star is a low-cost smart air conditioner that will be available in India by 2022. For extra convenience, this Inverter Split Air Conditioner comes with the AI-enabled Miraie App. Thanks to clever and distinctive features such as the personalized sleep mode, the AC gives increased flexibility by allowing users to pre-set temperature profiles for comfort throughout the night.

The networked range is prepared to identify and alert users of faults in advance thanks to a simple auto-diagnosis function. A one-touch service request option is also available in the Miraie app. Using the Miraie app, users may setup e-warranties and get alerts regarding service requests. This connected air conditioner may be controlled by voice assistants such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Panasonic air conditioners include a Powerful Mode that instantly cools your interior when you turn it on. By dehydrating the interior air, the air conditioning machine in dry mode functions as both a dehumidifier and an AC. The Dry Mode function can be employed when the humidity level is high during rainy days. Enjoy quick cooling enjoyment even on scorching days.

By eliminating PM 2.5 particles from the air, Panasonic AC with the PM 2.5 Filter delivers dust-free, fresh air, ushering in the future of healthy and enjoyable cooling.


  • Air filter for PM 2.5 particles.
  • The surgery is stabilizer-free.
  • Refrigeration with R32 refrigerants.
  • Technology for four-way swinging.
  • Self-cleaning feature.

4. Lloyd 1.5 Ton Voice & Wi-Fi Split AC Inverter

The Lloyd 1.5 Ton 3 Star is a fashionable smart air conditioner in India 2022 that attracts the attention of family members. This Voice and WiFi Enabled Inverter Split AC comes with an inverter compressor, plasma protection shield, antiviral filter, and automated humidity management with real-time detecting.

The Green Anti Bacterial coils on this Lloyd air conditioner protect it against salty air, rainfall, and dust. It also aids in the improvement of heat efficiency. The temperature of electric parts within the outdoor unit is effectively cooled using air-cooled electric control box technology, resulting in uninterrupted cooling at 52 °C ambient temperature.

Lloyd AC makes use of R-32 refrigerant. This R-32 refrigerant contributes to the battle against global warming by not depleting the ozone layer and having a minimal climate change effect.

Control your air conditioner from anywhere with your smartphone’s built-in wireless control, even if you’re not physically near it. The filters of the air conditioner trap even the smallest dust particles, ensuring that your air conditioner is free of dirt and dust and stays clean and fresh.


  • Voice commands, including Hindi voice commands, are available.
  • Timer that is smart.
  • Controlling the fan speed.
  • Sleeping mode.
  • Filtration in stages.

5. Livpure 1.5 Tons 5 Star WI-Fi Inverter Air conditioner

The Livpure Split AC has a variety of predetermined modes that allow you to simply change its performance. While the Magic Mode prioritizes relaxation, the Green Mode prioritizes efficiency. The HEKA mode, as a third option, strikes a compromise between the first two. The AC’s sophisticated geofencing technology can detect when you are about to return home using the location of your phone and turn itself on accordingly. This can keep your house pleasant when you return without the need for physical intervention. The air conditioner also has an EGAPA filter, which is designed to decrease dust, pollen, ammonia, smoke, and ozone.

Livpure 1.5 ton 5 star is an effective smart air conditioner in India that meets all of your requirements! The Livpure 1.5 Tons 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC’s Variable Speed Compressor regulates power dependent on heat load. It consumes the least amount of energy and makes the least amount of noise. Other air conditioners may now take use of the most recent HEXA technology, which provides wiser choices.

The Livpure Smart AC is outfitted with cutting-edge technology that enables you to operate it over Wi-Fi. An EGAPA filter eliminates germs and viruses from the air before it is distributed in the room. It recognizes the user’s mobile location and switches on/off automatically utilizing an advanced geofencing function. The cooling system is devoid of poisons and dirt, so users may stay healthy even when pollution levels are high outside.


That concludes our discussion of the finest smart air conditioners in India. It is now up to you to determine which smart Air Conditioner meets your requirements while remaining within your budget. After extensive trial and testing, I discovered that a smart air conditioner often has a 4D swing airflow and mobile app access, and I hope this post assisted you in selecting the finest smart AC for you. Because every house is becoming smarter, a smart air conditioner is unquestionably a terrific addition, both for personal and environmental reasons!

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