What is WhatsApp multi-device Beta feature?

Have you ever thought of using your whatsapp in multiple devices simultaneously? Have you ever wondered or thought why you can’t use WhatsApp in you PC when your phone is offline? Haven’t you ever thought why your phone needs to be connected to Internet. Why do you need Internet in both of the devices?

Now thinking about these things are oldies and useless thing as WhatsApp has solved this problem for their user.

WhatsApp has named this feature as “multi-Device” feature.

Hence this feature is now on testing mode so this feature is now available only in Beta version of WhatsApp. This feature will be available for the stable version soon.

If you are from one of those people who doesn’t want to wait for the stable version then you don’t need to worry as I am going to tell you the exact steps you need to follow to become beta user of WhatsApp and become eligible for this new feature.

So before going to discuss about the steps, let’s first know what exactly this feature is and how this feature is going to transform the way we use WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp multi-device feature?

What is WhatsApp multi-device Beta feature 2

This is one the major changes or feature that WhatsApp has added to WhatsApp in recent time. This new feature is going to solve the issue of a lots of peoples who were struggling with the login/logout problem of the web version of WhatsApp.

With the help of WhatsApp multi-Device feature user can not use WhatsApp in up to 4 companion devices and a primary device.

It must be noted here that user will only able to login into only one phone connected with their primary device.

User will still need his phone to login WhatsApp account to companion devices. Once it gets logged in then primary device that is users phone is not required and WhatsApp in the companion device will still run even if phone is switched off.

One more thing that need to remembered is that if user don’t use WhatsApp in phone for over 14 days, then WhatsApp in companion devices will be automatically logged out.

Why WhatsApp took so much time in launching this feature?

As we all know that this is not the feature that is very unique or it was the first time that this type of feature is being launched. This feature is already available in most of the messaging apps from long time, but not in WhatsApp. Why so, was there any genuine reason or WhatsApp team was not giving this feature any importance.

According to Techadvisor WhatsApp was working on this feature since April, 2021. So, what was the reason behind giving so much time.

The simple reason that this feature took so much time was simple and the reason was that WhatsApp had to totally redesign the way it was working previously to maintain the end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp working method was to directly sync the encrypted messages to two devices- The Sender’s and Recipient’s devices.

Who are eligible for this feature?

  • This feature is available for beta users of WhatsApp and WhatsApp business.
  • This feature is currently available in limited country. Soon this feature will roll out worldwide.

If you are thinking that you are not the beta user, does this means that you are now not eligible for this feature.

Wait, As I have already told you that I am going to tell you the steps to follow to join the beta program. So, you don’t need to worry you will obviously be using this feature.

So now come to our main topic

How to join the beta program and use this feature?

To join the beta program, you first need to grab you phone and open WhatsApp.

Step 1. The first step after opening WhatsApp is to click on the more option (Three dots).

Step 2. Click on the link device.

Step 3. You will see there Join multi-Device beta. Tap there to join.

Step 4. Once you see multi-device beta joined, you are done with it.

What is WhatsApp multi-device Beta feature

Step 5. After that you just need to login to web.whatsapp.com by scanning the QR code or you can also install WhatsApp app on your windows.

Step 6. The login process is same as of WhatsApp web, you will need you smartphone to scan the QR code.

Hence you have joined the beta program you don’t need to worry about the phone getting powered off or getting disconnected with Internet connection.

Now these are not your problem now, WhatsApp has solved it for you.

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