How to start online Tuition at Home

Due to this pandemic, our education system has been affected very badly. All Schools, colleges, and institutions are closed and will remain closed until we get any solution to end this pandemic.

For those teachers who were totally dependent on tuitions, this time is worst and very challenging for them as they are not able to run their tuition classes, and hence they have not any income source. Many teachers worldwide are looking to start online tuition at home.

Keeping this in mind we are going to write this step by step by step guide to start online tuition from your home to let your life continue easily. Reading this article the teachers will be able to start their tuition again in spite of not being so techy.


With the start of this pandemic, a large number of students are trying to continue their education and the only way they are looking to start studying is to go online and find some online teacher as their earlier teacher has not yet started doing the online class.

Hence, this is the best time to start your online class to get the benefit of providing education to a large number of students.

The benefits you will get after starting online tuition.

  • The traveling time will get down to zero because now you don’t have to travel to your coaching center neither you students have to. so this is the win-win situation for you and your students.
  • you will have access to a large number of students online.
  • Online tutoring will be more cost-effective than the offline classes as you don’t have to pay rents for the coaching rooms and also the electricity charges are now much less as compared to previous.
  • you will also have more time flexibility than the offline classes.

Ways to start online classes

We can divide this in two basic ways to teach your students online.

One of the ways is to record your video in which you are delivering the knowledge on a selected topic and post it on any video streaming platform like youtube. Then share the link with your students. Now the students will watch your video and if they get any doubt they can ask directly in the comment or any text messaging app and you can clear their doubt there.

The other way is to interact with your student face to face using any video conferencing app like Google meet, Jio meet and Microsoft team.this is the best way to give online classes but the main issue teachers and student both faces is the issue of internet connectivity. These video conferencing apps require a very good and stable internet connection. If you or your student is facing any internet connectivity issue then you can always choose the first method.

Video streaming platform method

For this method, you will need some tools to record your video.

  1. A whiteboard: A board is needed to show something to your student by writing them on the board.
    we have found this board for you that is available on a great discount on amazon. The price may vary with time if you don’t get a great deal you can always ask us in the comment we will provide you the best deal available at that time.
    You can buy it directly by clicking here. this board is double-sided having one side as a whiteboard and other as a chalkboard so with the situation you can use any of them.
white board on discount

2. White Board Marker: you will also need a multiple color whiteboard marker. we’ve chosen a pack of four different colors marker that is available on amazon that you can buy here.

white board marker

3. A Camera or a Smartphone with a good camera: If you have a camera that can record video for you then it is great but if you don’t have then you don’t need to worry. you can always use your smartphone camera to record your videos as they already have a decent camera.

4. A Smartphone holder: you will also need a tripod that can hold your smartphone or camera steady when you are recording your video.we have selected a budget tripod that you can buy from amazon. Always remember that price may vary with time as the offer not always remain the same so you can always ask us in a comment for great deals.

Note: if you don’t want to spend money on these things you can still start teaching your student can do this by writing things on a notebook instead of a whiteboard but we will recommend that you should buy these things as students will like more to learn more from whiteboard instead of the decision is yours.

After getting all these things you will need to choose a topic and start making a video on that topic.

After the video id complete you will need to upload it on youtube and share the link of the video so that your student can see your videos when they have good internet speed.

If you don’t know how to make a youtube channel and upload videos you can follow this step by step tutorial.

Video conferencing method

As we have already said that this is the best method to start online teaching class as you can interact with students live.

For this you will need the same thing as in the previous one.

Additionally, you will have to also select any one of the video conferencing platform.we are here making a step by step tutorial for jiomeet. if you are from outside India you will not be able to access jiomeet as it is only available in India so you can choose any of the other platforms like Google meet, Microsoft Team etc.

To host a meeting you will first have to sign up with Jio meet. you can use Jio meet app for this.

You will first need to download jio meet app from the play store. after downloading simply open the app and click on the sign up button.

start online tuition app sign up

Now fill up your details on the next page.

Now to start your class click on the start new meeting button

start online tuition start new meeting

Now on the next screen you will get a toggle to turn on/off the video. you should keep the video turn on as it will increase your interaction with students. Below that button there is also a toggle button.

turn video on

Turn on that personal meeting id button so that a meeting id and password gets generated for you.

Finally start the meeting.

Now you will need to share the meeting detail with your students so that they can join your class.

To do this you will need to click on the participant button and then on the invite.

invite students to join online class

Now simply copy the link and share it with your students.

Your students can easily join your meeting by clicking on that link. One important thing about jio meet is that it is not necessary for your students to sign up.

Some good feature of Jio meet for teachers:

  • You can host a meeting for 24hrs continuously
  • Waiting room option so that without your permission, no one can enter your class to disturb you.
  • Meeting scheduling option.
  • All meetings are password protected.

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