How to connect webcam with android tv in 2022?

In this article i will be describe “how to connect webcam with android tv” because in a android or smart tv no build-in camera given.

And a webcam is a good way to stream video, video conferencing to other.

The built-in camera is seen in our laptops and some PCs. But camera is not available in some pc and smart tv or android tv. That’s why we are not able to communicate video stream or video in it.

How to connect webcam with android tv

But with the help of webcam you can very easily communicate video and stream video in any of your smart TV or PC.

In today’s article I will tell you that “how to connect webcam with android tv“.

So Let’s Start…

How to connect webcam with android tv?

To connect webcam with android tv or smart tv follow this steps carefully.

Step 1. Connect one part of the USB cable to your webcam and the end of the USB cable to the USB port of your smart TV.

Step 2. Now press the input/source button in the remote of your smart TV.

Step 3. After this use your remote until you get the option of webcam.

Step 4. Now your webcam will start running. Your video will be shown on the TV screen. You can set the webcam according to you.

Step 5. After this you set up the webcam well by following the screen prompts.

After this your webcam will be ready. Now you can use the webcam. After this google duo app should be installed in your smart tv to communicate video with the help of webcam.

Now open Google duo app on your android tv and click on call option. After this you can easily do video communication with your friends, family, clients with the help of webcam.

Advantage Of Webcam

  • With the help of webcam, you can communicate video with anyone. In webcam, we get the quality of the camera very good.
  • We can use the camera qaulity according to our need.
  • If you are a video creator then using webcam you can shoot a high quality and attractive video.
  • Webcam is very easy to use.
  • In this we get the facility of both voice and video communication.

Disadvantage Of Webcam

  • Webcam is an external device. We have to use it very carefully. Because many such cases have also been seen in which people’s webcams have also been hacked.
  • With the help of webcam, you can also find out the exact location of the person in front.
  • Video communication disconnect in web cam is the biggest problem.

Some FAQs

Can I connect my webcam to my TV?

Yes, any smart tv or android tv can be connected to this web cam. It is very important to have USB or HDMI port in your smart TV. If you have any TV, if its USB or HDMI port is given, then you can connect the web cam.

How do I connect my webcam to my Sony Android TV?

Connect web cam and your sony tv with HDMI cable.
Turn on Input on your tv..
Click on menu button of your sony tv’s remote.
Open setting and choose main setting.
Now select CTRL for HDMI and on.

Best web cam for android tv?

There are many webcam company available on internet. You can by web cam from those company. But i would to recommend to you to buy Oneplus or MI company’s webcam.

I hope you guys know how to connect webcam to your android tv easily after reading this article. You can connect your webcam to android tv with the help of both USB cable and HDMI cable.

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