How to combine video on iphone in 2022?

Hello friends, in today’s article I am going to deliver that how you can combine video on iphone. 70% of iPhone users have said that the best camera is seen in the iPhone. The quality of the iPhone’s camera is also available in the iPhone as a normal DSRL camera.

In such a situation, you must have ever captured any memory in your iPhone. If you want to combine two or more than two videos on iPhone. Or if you want to do any video editing and want to combine many videos at once, then read this article completely. Because in today’s article I will tell you the solution of a common query.

Although many apps will be found on the app store but most of them are paid apps. iPhone has given its users the features to edit videos directly from their smartphone. But the feature of combining two videos is not given in iPhone.

If you want to combine video on iPhone, then you will need a third party app for that.

Let’s know “how to combine video on iphone

How to combine video on iphone in 2022?

Hey guy’s i have share two method to combine video on iPhone. First one is with the help of iMovie app and second one is Videoshop app.

How to combine video on iphone Using iMovie?

Apple has developed a best video editing app, the name of that app is iMovie. This app is available for both iPhone and Mac. You can use this app on both the devices.

Step 1. First open app store on your iOS device and search iMovie. Now download iMovie app on your device.

Step 2. Install the iMovie app on your iPhone’s springboard.

Step 3. Now open the iMovie app on your iPhone. And click on project. After that you will get the option of create project. Click on the plus icon above it.

Step 4. Now some types of projects will come in front of you. Click on any type of project you want to create. If you want to edit a normal video, then click on the movie button.

Step 5. Now go to your file and select the video you want to combine.

Step 6. To give a good look to the video, choose the transition between those videos. By choosing the transition, the video starts looking attractive.

Step 7. Now you save the video. After this both your videos will be combined. By following these steps, you can combine more videos in iphone.

How to combine video on iPhone with Videoshop?

Videoshop is a popular app. This app is specially designed for iOS devices only. This app is easily available on App Store. From where you can download it.

Step 1. Download the Videoshop app from the App Store. After that launch the videoshop app.

Step 2. After installing, open the app and select your video from the file by clicking on the plus icon.

Step 3. In this app you get many features like transition, speed change, typing text, adding audio, etc. You can make your videos more attractive by using these features.

Step 4. Edit other video by clicking on Next button.

Step 5. After editing the video, tap on the share option and save the combined video in your device.

So let’s end today’s article on this. I hope you have understood this article “combine video on iPhone” well. After reading this article you must have learned that “how to combine video on iPhone“. Videoshop and iMovie is one of the best video editing app for iphone.

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