How to Cast Mobile Screen On Laptop In 2022

Screen mirror which we also know as screen casting. Screen mirror is a new technology, with the help of this, we can see the cast mobile screen on laptop, pc very easily.

If you want to do screen casting in Android tv then you need HDMI cable or Chromecast, internet, etc. is required. But you can cast your mobile screen without internet in laptop or pc.

In the minds of many people, the same question remains that how to cast mobile screen on laptop? To know the answer to this question, you need to read this article completely.

In this article, I have told that how can you cast mobile screen on laptop without Chromecast, HDMI cable, USB.

Many people do not even know about this features. With the help of this features, we can enjoy video games, movies on the big screen by casting on our laptop.

Let’s start …

What is Screen Casting?

Screen casting is one of the features with which you can see the content playing on the mobile screen on the screen of your laptop or TV.

If you want to watch a movie with your family and have downloaded that movie in your mobile, then you can watch that movie on your tv or laptop with the help of screen casting.

What is advantage of Screen Casting?

● You do not need any type of internet while casting mobile screen. You can cast your screen with the help of wifi, bluetooth, data cable.

● You can watch any movie, video, show on the big screen. Which is very good.

How to cast mobile screen on Laptop / PC

【Note: – By following this step, you can only cast window 8, 10. And your android version should be 6 and above.】

On Laptop Or PC

Step 1. Click your laptop on the notification option.

Step 2. After that click on the expand button and click on the connect option

Step 3. Now by clicking on the option of projecting on this pc, select the option of Always everywhere in the first option.

Step 4. And then you click on the window button in your laptop or PC, and search by typing Connect.

How to Cast Mobile Screen On Laptop In 2020

Step 5. Then open the connect app.

On Mobile

Step 1. Enable wifi in your smartphone. After that open the setting app and search by typing screen cast in the search bar.

Step 2. Enable screen cast option. At connecting time the connect app should be open in your laptop or PC.

How to Cast Mobile Screen On Laptop In 2020

Step 3. Then the name of your laptop will start showing in your mobile. You click on it.

Step 4. In Few seconds your mobile screen laptop will start to be cast.


How to Cast Mobile Screen On Laptop?
– Click on window button
– Search connect app and open it
– Enable wifi and screen cast option in your mobile

-And then click on connect device.

So in this way you can cast your mobile screen to laptop with the help of internet, HDMI cable, USB cable. If you want to know how to cast mobile screen to tv then click here.

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