How to book an ola cab in 2022?

Ola is one of the popular riding start-ups which wins almost the whole human transportation market of India. Today if you want to travel from one place to another then you have an online portal, through which your mobile becomes your transportation friend.  If you hear about Ola from lots of mouths but want to learn how to book an ola cab then you are in the right place. 

In this article, we provide you with an easy step-through through which you can download and understand how to book an Ola cab to move from your place easily in any type of car. 

Here is Steps to book an ola cab?

Here is Steps to book an ola cab

Before you follow the steps to boon an Ola, keep in mind that for this you have to download the ola application on your mobile and the vehicle you use for transportation through this app is known as a cab. 

Step 1 – Visit any AppStore and search for the official application of Ola and download and install it on your device. 

Step 2 – After that when this application becomes visible on your home page then click and open it, and you have to search for your location from the above search bar. 

Step 3 – When you click on find your location then you are automatically able to see the place where you are standing right now. This is a place where you have to click on the box which is situated above on your screen. 

Step 4 – In that box, you get two options first one, Pick-up location, at this place you have to give your current location, for this you can use the map pointer. 

Step 5 – After that, fill another empty box below where you have to write, your drop location, which means where you want to visit. 

Step 6 – After that click on the search cabs, and choose the type of cab means which size vehicle you want. 

Step 7 – When any cab is ready to visit your location you get an OTP which you need to tell your cab driver before sitting and this will confirm you. 

Note If any ola cab is available near you then you see a small car start moving from its position and coming towards you but if there is no cab then you get a notification and your process will automatically cancel. 

Is Ola is the best use anytime?

Yes, Ola is one of the best applications which you can use anytime if you are in search of vehicles. The Ola is a brand in the Indian transportation industry, this company provides its facility to all people. If you are stuck any place at night then also you can use this application. 

If you find any problem then you get the contact and feedback option in this application and this makes it one of the best applications for transportation in India. 


Hope you read all the information which given in this article and can understand the process of how to book an ola cab. This application is one of the best ways to end your search for a vehicle to visit any place at any time and if this article provides you proper information for how to book an ola cab then do not forget to share this article and if possible leave your valuable comment below. 

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