Features Of Dizo Watch 2| Dizo Watch 2 Specification, Battery Life, Build Quality

Friends, Dizo Watch 2 has finally been launched. If you are thinking of buying a new smartwatch, then you must read this article once. Maybe after reading this article you will get a best smartwatch under 2000.

In today’s article, I am going to give you a review of a new brand of smartwatch and the name of that brand is Dizo. Dizo had sent some products for review of Dizo watch 2 a fews days ago.

After this Dizo launched this dizo watch 2. It added 1500 units to the sale for the first time. But in just a few minutes, 1500 units of dizo smartwatch 2 were sold from Flipkart.

It is a new brand, yet it has sold so many quickly. This smartwatch under 2000 is going to be the best.

In today’s article, I am going to give you dizo watch 2 full review. And also I will tell about dizo watch 2 specification as well as.

Features Of Dizo Watch 2

Whenever we buy a smartwatch, first of all we try to know about the features of that smartwatch. And it is also necessary. This dizo watch 2 is going to be sold on September 29 on Flipkart. This dizo smartwatch 2 is going to be available for Rs.1,999 at the time of sale.

And after the sale is over, this smartwatch will be available for Rs. 3,000 to Rs.3,500.

If you want to buy a smartwatch in a budget of Rs.2,000 then you can buy this smartwatch.

Let us know about dizo watch 2 feature one by one.

Dizo Watch 2 Build & Design Quality

 Dizo Watch 2 Specification, Battery Life, Build Quality

Dizo has worked a lot on the build quality of this watch. This watch looks very attractive in appearance. In this we get to see metallic body and aluminum alloy, which makes its look even more attractive.

Its premium straps have been used. The strap of this watch is so good that you will not sweat after wearing the watch. According to it’s price the quality of the straps is quite cool.

Dizo Watch 2 Display

If we talk about the display of dizo smartwatch 2, then we get to see a black coated display of 1.69 inch. The black coating done on the display of this watch makes its look even more osm and cool.

In this smartwatch, we get to see the curve display. And the view angle of this watch is also very good.

In this watch, we get to see more than 100 watch faces. All the watch faces are of stylish and new design. I really liked the faces available in this watch.

In this watch we get to see 600 nits display brightness. Which is very good in this budget range.

Dizo Watch 2 User-Interface

I liked the user interface of this watch quite well. Which is also quite simple to use. If you swipe from top to bottom in this watch, then you get the notification panel there. And swiping from right to left gives shortcut options.

If you swipe left to right in this watch, then you get the option of setting customization. And if you want to go to the main menu, then you swipe up from the bottom.

Dizo Watch 2 Sport Mode

In this watch, we get to see 15 different types of sports modes. In which many fitness modes are seen with cycling, running, treadmill, walking, and so on. And you can see your data with the help of dizo application.

And in this watch we also get sensors like spO2, heart rate. The accuracy of these sensors is quite accurate. In this we are getting enough sport modes. By the way, if the company had given more sport modes in this watch, it would have been even better. the rest is OK.

Dizo Watch 2 Battery Life

By the way, the dizo company claims that this watch will give 10 days battery backup. But it gives battery backup of approx. 6-7 days.

Well it depends on you how roughly you use this watch. The battery life of 6-7 days is also very good.

Dizo Watch 2 Application

You can control this watch from your android mobile with the help of dizo app. You will get Dizo application from google play store. Connect your watch by downloading the Dizo app.

After this you can access all the data recorded in your smartwatch from the dizo app.

And you can reset the time & date in your watch with the help of your dizo app. The interface of Dizo App is quite good.

Price Of Dizo Watch 2

The sale of Dizo watch 2 is going to start from 19th September. You can buy dizo watch 2 on 29 September. And if we talk about the price of dizo watch 2, then its price is going to be Rs.1,999. This is the price at the time of sale. After sale, the price of this smartwatch can increase.


Now there will be a doubt in the minds of many people that will it be worth buying dizo watch 2? According to me yes, buying this watch is absolutely worth it. By the way, you will get it at the time of sale for Rs.1,999. Perhaps the price will increase after the sale.

If you get this dizo watch 2 even up to Rs.3,000 then it will be worth buying it.

By the way, you must tell us by commenting how did you like this dizo watch. Will you buy this dizo watch 2.

Thank you for reading…

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