What is the difference between android tv and smart tv? | Smart TV vs Android TV

What is the difference between android tv and smart tv? Which is the best smart tv or android tv? Many people have confusion regarding android tv and smart tv.

They do not know the difference between smart tv and android tv. About 15-20 years ago, normal TV used to come. In which not available any features like smart tv.

But gradually, due to the advancement of technology, many changes have come in television as well.

The first time smart TV was launched was in 2008. At that time, people were not aware of smart TV. Earlier black & white TV, CRT TV used to come. But, At the this time, smart TVs with a lot of advanced technology are coming in today’s time.

In today’s article, I am going to give you complete information about smart tv vs android tv.

What is Smart Tv?

Its meaning is hidden in its name. In earlier times, black & white TV, CRT TV etc., used to come. Those TVs used to be quite heavy and also big in size.

But in today’s time, due to the advancement of technology, many changes are seen in TV. At this time, TVs with LED and LCD displays are coming.

Many advanced features are available in these TV, such as Bluetooth, Wifi, HDMI port, USB ports, etc. And many more advanced features are available.

All these features were not available in earlier TV’s. In earlier times, TV had to watch shows, movies with the help of antenna, CD, DVD. Whereas in today’s smart TV, one can watch shows, movies, documentaries with the help of the internet.

For this CD, DVD, the antenna is not required. You just need to have a good internet connection.

With the help of the internet in Smart TV, you can download apps, online movies, shows, documentaries.

Not only this, many more features are available in Smart TV. Like we can connect our smart TV to our smartphone, laptop / PC.

These are some of the popular smart TV-making brands – iFFALCON, Kodak, Xiaomi, Thomson, Realme, Samsung, etc. Smart TV works on different operating systems.

What is Android TV?

By now, you must have known very well that what is smart tv? Android TV is like a smart TV. Now in Android TV, we get to see more features than Smart TV.

And the operating system of Android TV is also different. Android Operating System is installed on Android TV.

The way we can use it on our android smartphone is by installing the app from the google play store.

In the same way, we can download and use the app from the google play store on android tv.

We can install and use all android applications on android tv.

We also get the feature of Google voice assistant in android tv. So that we can control android tv with our voice command. The feature of Chromecast is also available on Android TV.

If you do not know about Chromecast, then let me tell you that with the help of Chromecast, we can connect our smartphone to smart tv.

And whatever features are available in smart tv, all those features are also available in android tv.

What is the difference between Android tv vs Smart tv?

Android tv and smart tv are similar to a large extent. Android Operating Software is installed on Android TV. And smart TVs have other operating systems besides Android.

The main difference between Smart TV and Android TV is the operating software. Only Android Operating Software is installed on all Android TVs. On the other hand, talking about smart TV, it has other operating software like Tizen OS, WebOS etc. Operating software is seen.

Smart Tv Android Tv

Smart TvAndroid TV
All android tv is smart tv. While not all smart tv is android tv.
Only a limited amount of app can be used in Smart TV.With the help of all google play stores in android tv, all android apps can be used.
Android Tv Box has to be installed on Smart TVThere is no need to install an android tv box on android tv.
Smart TV is costly than Android TV.Android tv is cheaper in price than smart tv.
Smart TV has custom operating software.Android TV has only Android Operating System.
Operating System – WebOS, Tizen OS, Roku OS, etc. Operating System – Android Operating System

I will tell some point-wise Smart TV vs Android TV differences below.

  • The biggest difference between Android TV and Smart TV is the operating system.
  • Smart TV works on custom OS. Whereas Android Tv only works on the Android Operating System.
  • In Android tv, we can use the android application now. But you can use a limited app on smart TV. Some apps do not work properly on Smart TV.
  • The features of voice assistant (Google Assistant) are available on Android TV. You can control your Android TV with the help of voice commands.
  • Updates are not available at the proper time on most smart TVs. And in android tv, all updates are available at the proper time.
  • Not all smart TVs have the option to install the app. Only in some brand smart TV or option is given. If we talk about android tv, then you get the google play store in it. You can install any app on your android tv from here.
  • Smart TV is costly than Android TV.


How to make Smart TV an Android TV?

You can convert smart tv to android tv by putting an android setup box in your smart tv.

What is the latest Android TV version?

The latest version of Android TV is Android TV 11. Android tv 11 was introduced in September 2022. Next year Android tv 12 is coming.

Is Android-based TV good?

Yes, Android-based tv is too good. We get to see many features in Android TV.

What is better Android TV or Smart TV?

According to my android tv is the best because Android TV can be bought cheaper than Smart TV. If you want to know in detail what is better, android tv or smart tv? So you read this article completely. In this article, I have told in detail Android tv vs smart tv.

Is LG an Android TV?

No, LG is not an android tv.
LG Tv Operating System – Linux (Unix-Like)

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